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never play a practical joke on leonard mccoy. he is no fun. you cover yourself in weird berry juice and puff up your cheeks with cotton balls from sickbay and you go at him with zombie arms and it should be hilarious but instead he sticks you thirty times with a hypo and you wake up twelve hours later dazed and confused and he has thirty saved photographs of the enterprise captain purple and drooling and dressed like one of the nurses and he owns you. he owns you for life

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im straight

april fools

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i wanna ruin our friendship


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sherlock and john living in sussex and tending to each other as they age massaging joints and keeping spare readers around the cottage and epipens galore for beestings and john thinking of clever ways to get sherlock to take his vitamins and sherlock drawing up baths for the two of them to sink into and lots and lots of blankets and quilts and curled up together on the soft sofa with warm tea sweetened with honey and the fireplace is going with the ocean’s roar in the background

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Who Is Mary Morstan?



With all this mystery surrounding Mary’s past we can only ask, who was she really? Russian spy? Moriarty’s henchwoman? I’ve got the answer.

Mary Morstan is in fact John’s sister, Harriet Watson.

But John would recognise his own sister! Wrong. Clearly she’s had cosmetic surgery to alter her looks. Who knows, maybe a boob job too? You can never be too careful when hiding your identity from the brother you’re marrying.


Does this look like a lady that WOULDN’T go under the knife? Answer: No, she’s tough as kangaroo testicles.

Here’s how it works:


There’s a notable lack of Harry at the wedding. This is a sister who gives an expensive phone to her brother just to try and get him to call more. They spent Christmas together in S2E1 for goodness sake but she doesn’t go to his wedding? That’s not right. Not unless she WAS there…


OBVIOUSLY A.G.R.A stands for Actually Genetically Related…Awkward. She told John that he wouldn’t love her any more after he saw what was on the stick and she’s right.


So Magnussen hears about this Lannister type shit and he blackmails Mary, going so far as to send a telegram to their wedding that says he’s sorry her family couldn’t be there. Mary tenses up and probably decides right then that he needs to die before he tells John. That’s her motive to kill him, right there.

But why did she do it?

Who knows. Maybe she watched Game of Thrones one time too many.

Remember, you heard it here first!

Thanks to kissthemgoodbye.net for the screencaps

And she chose the name “Mary” because it sounds like “Harry,” making it that much easier to remember her new identity!


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Anonymous asked: How far have you gone with a guy?


i went to canada with my dad once

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